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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage Q&A


What is therapeutic massage?

My style of therapeutic massage is a fluid blend of relaxation strokes, muscle release techniques, targeted stretching, and other specialty styles as needed, such as myofascial or scar tissue work. Using unscented oil, I apply long, soothing strokes on the body to warm and relax the muscle tissue. Your massage is customized to address what you need on that day, so the pressure is adjusted to your preferences, and can range from very light to more firm work.  

This is my first massage. What do I need to know?

Welcome to Birch Family Massage! Prior to your appointment, you will be emailed a health intake form to fill out at home ahead of time. When you arrive for your session, we'll talk about your health history and make a plan for what you want to work on during your massage. Are you interested in relaxation and loosening up tight muscles, or do you have a specific issue or area that needs more focus? Maybe a bit of both?

Do you take insurance?

I do not bill insurance companies directly, but if your provider covers massage you are welcome to pay at the time of your service and I can give you a receipt to submit for reimbursement. If you are looking for motor vehicle accident massage coverage, I can make you a referral to another local practitioner.

Massage is a relaxing way to benefit your health!

Therapeutic massage is a comfortable, low-risk way to focus on:

  • Stress and tension reduction

  • Pain and tight muscle relief

  • Joint mobility and stretching

  • Injury and surgery recovery

  • Aching and sore joints


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