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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage Q&A


What makes pregnancy massage different from a "regular" massage?

Table positioning is one of the biggest differences: pregnancy massage (prenatal massage) is offered in a side-lying position to accommodate the client's growing belly. Prenatal clients are supported by foam cushions, and many say they are more comfortable on my massage table than in their own beds at home. These cushions are also available for my postnatal massages.

Is pregnancy massage really light and gentle?

No, it's only gentle if you want it to be. Pregnancy massage can be soothing and relaxing, or target specific areas of focused work, or even a little bit of both. With most prenatal massage clients, there is no need for a featherlight touch if they prefer firmer pressure.

What experience do you have with pregnancy massage?

I have both education and hands-on experience. After I earned a 60-hour Maternity Massage Certificate, I spent more than 5 years as a Teaching Assistant for biannual prenatal massage elective courses with Leslie Stager's MotherTouch program at the Oregon School of Massage. I have taught the postnatal massage course, "Bodywork for the New Mother," at this massage school as well.


I am very familiar with the unique conditions and concerns that affect a pregnant body, and can apply this knowledge to safe, confident prenatal massage.

I also have spent hundreds of hours massaging pregnant clients in my studio, so your session will feel fluid and comfortable in my capable hands!

I have a high-risk prenatal condition; can I still get a massage?

Let's talk one-on-one before you book. Some high-risk prenatal conditions are perfectly fine to receive massage, while others might require more caution or approval from your prenatal care provider. Email or call me using the contact info at the bottom of the page.

Pregnancy massage is a safe, effective tool for maintaining your health and wellness!

Massage during pregnancy can help alleviate common discomforts such as:

  • Low back pain

  • Tightness in hips and sciatic area

  • Headaches and jaw clenching

  • Restlessness at night

  • Aching and sore joints

  • Puffiness in limbs


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