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Katie Rhyne, LMT Lic. #20409

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Rates & Services

60-minute Massage
90-minute Massage
45-minute Pediatric Massage
Get 10% off a package of FIVE massages!
60-minute sessions
(a $350 value)
90-minute sessions
(a $500 value)

Cash, local checks, and credit cards accepted; payment is due at time of service.

Gratuities graciously declined; referrals to friends and family welcomed

Our Specialities

Therapeutic Massage

Custom massage based on the typical Swedish style: long, soothing strokes on the skin with oil. Pressure can be light, medium, firm, or even deep tissue. 


Your massage will target what you need:

  • Stress and Tension Reduction

  • Relaxation

  • Relief from Pain or Sore Muscles 

  • Injury Recovery

  • Stretching and Joint Mobility

Pediatric and Teen Massage

Sessions are shorter in duration and gentler with pressure. Parent remains on-site for child's massages, and the child is clothed in a swimsuit or loungewear.


  • Reduces anxiety & stress

  • Promotes better sleep

  • Aids recovery from injuries, fractures, and sprains

  • Eases muscle aches and team sports strain

  • Soothe growing pains

Pregnancy Massage

Certified pregnancy massage is offered in a side-lying position to be comfortable during every trimester. 


  • Relaxation in Total Comfort

  • Alleviate Back and Hip Pain 

  • Soothe Headaches

  • Reduce Sciatica-type Discomfort

  • Sleep More Restfully at Night

Postnatal Massage

Newborn babies are welcome to come along to your massage session, either with a helper or on the table! 


  • Restore yourself after the significant body changes and joint strains that are part of pregnancy

  • Loosen tight muscles from labor

  • Relieve neck pain from nursing in hunched position

  • Calm your body and mind from flood of "baby blues"

  • Relax during a tiring phase of your life